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By Jonny Chen | 27 June 2022 | 0 Comments

New 2022 Android Iptv Box Octastream Fully Loaded

Octastream iptv box is a revolutionary smart media player based on a quad core ARM cortex-A9 processor with quad coreGPU with the latest Android OS. This box comes pre-set up with our live channels, Movies and series ready to use. Access to your favorite channels right at your fingertip.
Never pay for cable again. This box allows you to access hundreds of music,sports,PPV and Movie channels. Our engineer keep adding more new channels,movies and series everyday.
Octastream iptv box fully loaded have video outputs ranging from 480 to 1080, parental controls and are WiFi-enabled devices. You are provided with AV cables, remote,Power adapter.Streaming what you want.

Why Octastream iptv box runs smoothly?

The system runs the OS Android 9.0 , which is target specifically for Android TV. This means that when you are streaming, you have the best watching tv experience. Besides,we have a big strong server which can hold a lot movies and series,With best hardware decode and best technical support,our iptv box can wroking great without any buffering problem.

What you can get with our fully loaded octastream iptv box?

Most of users should more concerned about what the content what we can get access to. With the Octastream iptv box, you receive access to blue tv and blue vod, which including more than 2500+ North American live channels.more than 10000+ movies and series to stream on-demand. The IPTV service also can get 100+ Live sports for free.100+ 24/7

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